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Traffic Solutions

Traffic Solutions is part of 3A Composites Display Europe, an international division within the 3A Composites Group.

Traffic Solutions offers material solutions for traffic engineering, focusing on aluminium composite panels for traffic signs and transparent plastics for sound barrier walls.

As inventor of the first aluminium composite panel and with more than 50 years of manufacturing experience, we are able to make a decisive contribution in the field of sustainability by providing DIBOND®traffic as a substrate for road signs.

3A Composites produces transparent plastics at various locations throughout Europe for sound barrier applications. We offer our customers extruded acrylic sheets CRYLON® Sound Barrier Wall (SBW) as well as extruded polycarbonate sheets IMPEX® Sound Barrier Wall (SBW).

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Traffic Signs

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DIBOND®traffic is a high-grade aluminium composite panel comprising two aluminium cover sheets and a core. The panel satisfies the most rigorous requirements in terms of mechanical stress as well as weather resistance and has a 12-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

As the panel contains less aluminium than conventional solutions, DIBOND®traffic makes a major contribution to sustainability in traffic engineering. The manufacture of the polyethylene core material, which is laminated between the covering layers, generates an amount of greenhouse gases which is five times lower than in aluminium production. The high-tensile alloy used for the panel’s thin aluminium covering sheets means the overall composite material is equivalent to a solid sheet. No other aluminium composite panel on the market provides properties and availability to compare with DIBOND®traffic.

DIBOND®traffic’s exceptional qualities, in particular its light weight and easy processing, make creating even the most complex shapes and forms economical and sustainable – and herald a new era for variable message signs! By satisfying national and international standards, DIBOND®traffic has been validated as a high-quality product and equivalent to conventional materials for traffic signs.

In 2020, we achieved another milestone in the DIBOND®traffic success story by gaining approval. DIBOND®traffic now satisfies the stringent requirements of the German national standard quality mark RAL-GZ 628 as well as the European standard EN 12899-1, confirmed by the in depth report issued by the German Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) and the German Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV).



  • Weight advantage – A “get in lane” traffic sign in the format 1250 x 1600 mm, including edging profile and reflective film, for example, reveals the difference. The total weight of the solid aluminium version = 23.2 kilograms; the DIBOND®traffic sign = 16 kg – that is 7.2 kg lighter! For this application DIBOND®traffic is 31 % lighter!
  • Weight reduction has a positive impact on both handling during the manufacturing process and installation on site.


  • DIBOND®traffic has been approved by the GVZ e.V.(German quality auditing commission for road traffic signs and transport facilities) based on detailed expert reports relating to European standard EN 12899-1 and RAL quality mark (RAL GZ 628).
    The conditions set out in the approval document issued by the German Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) and the German Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport (BMDV) confirm the equivalence of DIBOND®traffic with conventional road traffic signs.
    Approval for DIBOND®traffic small road signsApproval for DIBOND®traffic large format directional signs
  • The high-quality coating on the reverse of DIBOND®traffic and lamination of all standard reflective films on the substrate have been tested by StrAus-Zert (Association for testing, monitoring and accrediting street furniture) enabling unrestricted use of DIBOND®traffic for traffic signs.


  • The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for aluminium composite panels confirms low energy consumption, low levels of greenhouse gas emission (CO2) and optimised water consumption – 40 % less global warming potential when recycling is taken into account (Comparison: 3 mm solid aluminium / 3 mm DIBOND®traffic with 0.5 mm cover layers).
  • Transport advantage – lightweight DIBOND®traffic, means considerably more traffic signs can be transported than solid aluminium.
  • As a member of the A|U|F e.V., we support closed loop aluminium recycling management for ecological and resource conserving reuse and recycling. The material remains within the European Community and its recycling system.


  • Less expensive panel material in comparison with solid aluminium.
  • Efficient processing: Component parts can be attached using cost-effective punch riveting and adhesive technologies.
  • Energy-saving processes such as routing or punching facilitate contouring.
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Sound barrier walls

When selecting materials for sound barriers in densely populated areas, there are numerous factors to take into account. In particular, when sound barriers are high, they can have a significant impact on the appearance of their surroundings. This, in turn, has direct consequences for the environment, perceived quality of life and road safety.

Compared with traditional materials such as concrete, one of the advantages of transparent sound barriers is that they are considerably lighter, a factor which often facilitates construction processes. In addition to the enhanced appearance and appealing aesthetics offered by the wide range of colours and finishes available, using transparent material avoids divisions created by solid barriers and ensures excellent visibility for drivers and residents alike. Transparent sound barriers connect and protect the community rather than separating it.


CRYLON® Sound Barrier Wall (SBW) sheets, made of acrylic glass (PMMA), provide outstanding clarity, durability and UV stability making them the perfect choice when appearance is important. The premium quality surfaces have a high resistance to weathering and ageing. Thanks to their optical properties and high light transmission, CRYLON® SBW sheets ensure unrestricted views of the surroundings. In addition to the standard transparent version, a wide range of colours and surface options are available.

CRYLON® SBW Soft Tone features an impressive matt surface, created by a special co-extruded coating on one or both sides. The satin matt surface prevents light reflection and enhances light diffusion, and in so doing makes the sound barrier even more effective.

CRYLON® SBW design is a design option with printed graphics. The standard graphics are available in black lines, checks or squares. These versions of the transparent material are recognised by birds as visible obstacles and act as bird protection. Due to individual design options, CRYLON® SBW design is experiencing ever increasing popularity in urban environments.

CRYLON® SBW reinforced is a transparent acrylic sheet for sound barriers with embedded polyamide threads. The polyamide reinforcement system prevents the sheets from shattering on impact when a vehicle collides with the sound barrier. Installing sound barriers made of CRYLON® SBW reinforced panels is the ideal solution for overpasses, bridges and in city centres as no additional vehicle restraint system is required.


IMPEX® Sound Barrier Wall (SBW) sheets are made of polycarbonate (PC) and combine very high impact resistance with outstanding optical and mechanical properties. The sheets’ ultra-high weather-resistance is thanks to a co-extruded UV protection layer on both sides.

IMPEX® SBW sound barriers not only fulfil acoustic noise abatement requirements, they also meet the traffic safety standards and satisfy standards with respect to stability and resistance to deformation and ageing. IMPEX® SBW sheets provide long-term noise reduction and are tested in accordance with current standards.

The IMPEX® SBW HC version comes with a supplementary abrasion-resistant coating on one or both sides. Sound barriers available in this material are less sensitive against scratches, resistant to many chemicals and solvents and offer better protection against vandalism (e.g. graffiti). If the IMPEX® SBW HC sheets are smeared with graffiti, almost all traces can be removed using special cleaning agents. Please contact us for further information. We are happy to send you our technical data.

CRYLON® SBW, CRYLON® SBW Soft Tone, CRYLON® SBW reinforced as well as IMPEX® SBW and IMPEX® SBW HC have been tested and certified in accordance with European standards DIN EN 1794-1, DIN EN 1794-2 and DIN EN 1793-2. They also comply with the German technical regulation ZTV-Lsw06 and fulfil requirements for sound insulation, fire behaviour, wind loads and resistance to impact from stones and debris.


Recycling system for aluminium composite panels in Germany

We are the first manufacturer of aluminium composite panels in Europe to have established a recycling system for the return of our aluminium composite materials in Germany. Collecting and recycling the material is carried out in cooperation with our strong partners in the A|U|F. This association of German metal construction companies, system houses and other companies, organizes a closed-loop recycling system to deal with the aluminium used in the window, door and façade sectors.

Initially, the option of returning our aluminium composite panels will start in Germany and will soon be extended to include other European countries and other products. If you are interested in collaborating with us, please get in touch with your known 3A Composites contact or send us a message.

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